What types of tutorials are available? 
There are multiple types of tutorials available on our site! Here is a quick overview of the various types: 
- Videos: These contain videos guiding you through specific experiments
- How-To Guides: These are primers or step-by-step guides on routine lab practices 
- Coding Guides: These provide code snippets for common biological or research applications 
- Toolboxes: These aggregate key tools or resources for specific applications 
- Advising: These tutorials are geared at students and helping them get the most out of their research experiences
What can I expect to see in a tutorial? 
Each tutorial contains the main content (either video, how-to steps, code snippets, etc.). It then contains reagents required (if applicable) and a collection of free or paid resources that pertain to the topic (e.g. protocols, templates, use cases, course guides, tips and tricks, etc.) 
Do I have to pay for a membership to access content? 
No. We have a free membership tier that will always remain 100% free. Our free tier gives you access to almost all of our video, how-to, and advising content. To access the pro resources (templates, protocols, etc.) and to access some of the more premium tutorials, you will have to upgrade to the pro tier. 
How do I cancel my membership or change my membership tier? 
To cancel your membership, log into your account and go to the dashboard. Click on the fourth tab in the dashboard and cancel your membership using the button. This will delete all of your data on the site instantly. WE WILL NOT REFUND ANY REMAINING TIME IN THE MEMBERSHIP so please bear that in mind while canceling. 

To change your membership, use the links within the dashboard also. When you select a new membership tier, your membership will immediately be upgraded/downgraded but you will not be refunded for remaining time on an old membership tier.  
Who can I contact for questions or concerns? 
For any questions, concerns, or issues, please use our contact form and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!